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R.S.No. 893, Hissa No. 2/1, A Ward, Sushrusha Nagar,
Behind Sardar Park, Near BSNL Off.
Devkar Panand. Kolhapur

R.S. No. 1009, 1 A. Plot No.10,11
A Ward, Salokhe Nagar Road, Opp. Sane Guruji
Main Bus Stop, Kolhapur

Mahalaxmi Temple
Mahalakshmi Temple, an ancient temple in Kolhapur, is dedicated to the Goddess of prosperity Mahalaxmi, locally known as Goddess Amba Bai.

Old Palace
It is the glory of the city. Being the biggest & oldest building, it has historical importance.

New Palace
New Palace is located in Kolhapur. Built in 1884, it is also known as the Maharaja's New Place. Major Mant designed the palace.

Shalini Palace
Built with intricate carvings of black stone and Italian marble and armed with decorative wooden doorways, Hotel Shalini Palace is a picture of elegance and grandeur.

Town Hall
Kolhapur town hall The Kolhapur town hall adds to the splendor of the city. The neo-gothic building was erected during 1872-1876 by Charles Mant.

CPR Hospital
The C. P. R. Hospital or the Civil Hospital (formerly known as Albert Edward Hospital) is the oldest Hospital in Kolhapur.

Khasbaug Maidan
Traditional wrestling or kusti has been patronized by the people of Kolhapur since many years.

Kolhapur is a city that falls in the southernmost part of Maharashtra. It serves as the headquarters of the district of the same name and stands situated on the embankment of the Panchganga River

Shivaji University
Established in 1962, is named after the Great Maratha Warrior and founder of the Maratha empire Chhatrapati Shivaji

Rankala Lake
This wide and spacious lake is so called because at its centre lies the
temple of Rankabhairav. Legend has it that a golden temple is submerged
under the temple of Rankabhairav.
Places Around Kolhapur

Fort Panhala
The history of Panhala Fort is also the history of the Marathas. There are innumerable places of interest, each with its haunting anecdotes.

Gagangiri Maharaj Math is renowned as a spiritual destination for domestic and foreign travelers.

Jotiba Temple
Jyotiba temple is an important Hindu religious destination located at an altitude of 3124 feet above sea level in the Panhala range of Maharashstra.

Ramtirth, Ajara
The fascinating destination is Ramtirth waterfall located in the Ajara taluka and at road journey of about 70-80 minutes from the city heart.

Radhanagari Dam
Radhanagari Dam is a century old dam built by the Kolhapur ruler Shahu Maharaj and is constructed across Bhogawati River.

Sadale Madale Forest
Enjoy Trekking in Sadale Madale Forest.

Khidrapur Temple
The artistic temple of Kopeshwar or Mahadev at Khidrapur is a treasure house of beautifully carved sculptures and a rare architectural marvel.

Pohale Caves
The ancient caves will take you to a different world for a while. Really a place to watch.

Dajipur Sanctuary
Dajipur wildlife sanctuary is home to bison, wild deer, chital, gawa and other species of wild animals & birds.

In Kumbhoj Bahubali, a 6 feet high beautiful, artistic idol of lord Bahubali is installed here in 1156 AD,

Amba Ghat/Amba town
is approx. 60 Kms from Kolhapur towards West - a centre point between NH4 and NH17

Kaneri Math
Kaneri Math Kolhapur It is one of the spot aloof from publicity but working. It is only a mile from Kolhapur

NarsobaWadi Temple
Situated about 30 km from SANGLI, Narsobawadi
is a holy place of pilgrim located on
the banks of river Krishna.
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